RS485 – Wireless Bridge

RS485 – Wireless Bridge

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The wireless RS485 bridge adaptor pair provides a point-to-point seamless link between wired networks.

As a typical example usage, the connection between a site smart energy meter, and downstream solar inverters could be realised where a wired connection is not feasible.

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The wireless RS485 bridge adaptor pair provides a seamless remote link, emulating a wired connection.

These modules offer both transmit and receive functionality allowing master-slave configurations to operate unhindered.

The module pair are provided pre-paired and configured, ready for installation.

Items contained include:

  • 2x RS485 transceivers
  • 2x 915MHz 4.0dBi 0.19m Antennas and 3.6m Coaxial cable
  • 2x 24vDC DIN-Mount Power Supplies

Compatible with the following inverters:

  • Fronius
  • Sungrow (commercial models). Inverter to Inverter communications also confirmed by this bridge.
  • SAJ
  • Solis
  • GoodWe
  • Growatt
  • Solax. (Note will need exact model due to the baud rate between inverter models being highly variable).

Not Compatible with:

  • Solar Edge
  • Hauwei (and rebrands)
  • Deye
  • Sungrow Residential Hybrids (Receives correct readings from the Meter but continues to export from the battery when no solar present).
  • SoFar



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