• Smart Switchboards for Load Management and Metering

    Integrelec combines Smart Circuit Breakers with clever Load Management software to provide compact, flexible and economical power management solutions

Get smart with your energy

Integrelec’s Smart Switchboards are among the most compact, efficient and capable on the market.

Product Brochure – EV Charger Smart DBs

Designed as a flexible off-the-shelf system for measuring and managing electrical loads, our solution uses Smart Miniature Circuit Breakers (SMCBs) to automatically switch off lower-priority equipment when electrical consumption elsewhere onsite reaches critical levels.  Benefits can include:

  • Reducing power bills for consumers on peak demand billing schemes.
  • Avoiding overloading certain sections of the building or factory
  • Maximizing self-consumption of solar generated electricity
  • Managing load from multiple Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers
  • Cost-effective monitoring of power consumption on 30+ individual sub-circuits per distribution board

Thanks to the inbuilt user-friendly touch screen, each sub-circuit can be assigned a priority and/or weekly schedule that is then used by the dynamic load-shedding algorithm to equitably share out the power available on a time basis. Loads of lower priority are shed before higher ones, and loads of equal priority are automatically cycled in a round robin fashion with configurable maximum duration to prevent any one load remaining off for an unacceptable period of time. When total demand returns below the configured limit, load shedding ceases and all loads are provided with continuous power once again.

Apart from their load shedding capability, our Smart Switchboards also include individual metering of every sub-circuit, allowing you to see exactly where your power is being used. Benefits can include:

  • Equipment efficient monitoring
  • Departmental energy cost-allocation
  • Supports data-driven decision making such as replacement of overly power-hungy plant
  • Sub-billing for multi-use premises

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