• Integrity, reliability and true performance

    We understand what downtime costs you. If you’ve been affected by unnecessary stoppage from electrical and automation faults, then you’ll understand the difference between an average and an excellent electrical service can be hundreds of thousands in lost revenue.

    At Integrelec, our overriding principle is integrity, and it’s applied to all of our work and business interactions. Integrelec has more than just the capability to deliver high quality industrial automation solutions, we have a proven track record providing reliable service and products in the greater Brisbane area and beyond. No matter the size of the project Integrelec has the capacity to deliver, all carried out with personal and friendly service and at a low cost.

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    Duane Stapleton, Operations Manager

What Makes Us Different

  • “No surprises” Policy. We keep our customers informed and involved throughout the entire project lifecycle. Issues are detected and communicated early, and our best-practice project tracking ensures potential schedule and cost overruns are identified and addressed before they can get out of hand.
  • Uncompromising quality. We simply don’t take shortcuts to make a quick buck! Our designs, switchboards and installations are the best they can be as appropriate for the job, and we always build in plenty of space capacity into our systems to allow for easy additions/changes in the future.
  • Experience. Our lead engineers have around 25 years experience with many technologies, in many industries, and with team sizes from 1 to 40 people. Of course we’re always learning, and what we do learn we retain, to make the next job even better.
  • Design Mentality. We apply the right level of design to each job. Our engineering is both highly skilled as well as practical. Systems are kept as simple as possible, and when complexity is required, it is handled using formal documented design methodologies.
  • Focus on minimizing down-time. We really understand this is the bottom line for your business, and do everything we can to keep you running.
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Our Services

  • Machine Safety Systems

    Safety is the top priority with everything we do. If you want a team who bring commitment to safety to your workplace, see how Integrelec can keep your machinery safe and safety compliant.

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  • Switchboard Design & Manufacture

    Get powered by a switchboard fully designed, built and installed by Integrelec’s trusted Brisbane team, whether you’re looking for power distribution, motor control or more.

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  • Electrical Installations

    Our team can carry out all the industrial upgrades or new project wiring your business requires, regardless of whether the project’s massive or miniscule.

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