• Building Automation & Efficiency

    Allow Integrelec to unlock the true potential of your building through innovative engineering and advanced technologies

Bring cutting edge automation convenience home

It’s not just the industrial sector than can benefit from automation technology. Integrelec believes that the home should not be left behind in enjoying the technological advances that most associate with the industrial world. Integrelec’s home automation service utilises the technology of industry to bring cutting-edge convenience into your very own home. Brisbane householders can now enjoy control of their homes’ systems like never before.

How can Integrelec automate your home?

Here are just some of the automation conveniences that Integrelec can provide for your home:

    • Touch screen control, Automatic lighting control
    • Sunset switches and automatic timers
    • Audio and video cabling and control
    • Programing and troubleshooting


    • Power factor correction
    • HVAC – heating, ventilation, air environment, cooling
    • Clipsal C-BUS home networking
    • KNX
Integrelec brings quality industrial automation technology to your home.
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Our Services

  • Industrial Machinery Control Systems

    We deliver the right industrial control systems for your business, including programmable logic controllers, industrial networking and human machine interfaces.

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  • Engineering Design & Consultancy

    Need quality engineering design services? Integrelec offers electrical design, CAD drafting for electrical designs, switchboard design, installation design, project coordination and planning, programming.

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  • Machine Safety Systems

    Safety is the top priority with everything we do. If you want a team who bring commitment to safety to your workplace, see how Integrelec can keep your machinery safe and safety compliant.

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  • Switchboard Design & Manufacture

    Get powered by a switchboard fully designed, built and installed by Integrelec’s trusted Brisbane team, whether you’re looking for power distribution, motor control or more.

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  • Electrical Installations

    Our team can carry out all the industrial upgrades or new project wiring your business requires, regardless of whether the project’s massive or miniscule.

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  • Building Automation & Efficiency

    Automation technology isn’t just for big industry any more. We bring cutting-edge automation technology straight to your home, delivering world-class convenience at low cost.

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