• Commercial Solar Products and Services

    Integrelec offers RPEQ Certification, Commissioning and Testing services to Commercial Solar Installers

  • RPEQ Certification

    All sites in Queensland with grid-connected inverter energy systems (including solar PV) with generation capacity of 30kW or above are required to have a Grid Protection system, certified by an RPEQ engineer, to ensure the site cannot adversely affect the power quality for neighboring properties and indeed the rest of the power distribution network.

    It is the solar installer’s responsibility to select and install suitable hardware and software in accordance with the requirements provided by the network operator in their initial enquiry response, and then engage a 3rd party RPEQ consultant to certify the design and functionality of this system.

    Integrelec can assist installers with all steps throughout this process, including the formal RPEQ certification.

    • Advice throughout the early stages of engaging with the network provider to submit the initial enquiry to obtain their requirements for what type of protection and export control they require for the particular location.
    • Auditing of existing electricity reticulation infrastructure on the site to determine the most economical point to connect the solar PV system
    • Producing single line diagrams (SLDs) for the proposed system
    • Selecting suitable hardware and accessories for the required Grid Protection functions
    • Submitting design report to network operator
    • Assistance with system commissioning including configuring inverters and grid protection hardware
    • Testing and logging of power quality parameters both before and after the solar PV is turned on, to prove compliance.
    • Submission of final test and commissioning report to the network operator.

    We offer these services as a single package of works, or on an hourly rate depending on your requirements.

    For approximate Costs and other useful Information for installers, click below.

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