Bristle Roof Tile Extruder

Bristile Roofing, Wacol

    • Project Details

      Customer: Bristile Roofing, Wacol
      Duration: 5 months
      Completion: May 2012


    Integrelec was awarded the contract for all electrical work and programming on the Roof Tile Extruder project for the recent upgrade of the Trim Plant in the Bristile factory at Wacol. Integrelec demonstrated its ability to take on big jobs with this upgrade, as the first major project where all aspects of the electrical work was our responsibility. All our work had to be complete and a fully operational machine had to be up and running within two weeks to comply with the production line shut-down constraints.


Once Integrelec had won the contract and we were informed of the delivery date, our planning work commenced straight away. With this new system, there was a totally new design that had to be created with the latest in machine automation technology. The electrical design started months in advance of the onsite installation. A full switchboard was designed that include a new Siemens S7300 PLC, Safety PLC and three multiple SEW Servo drives, all networked through a Siemens Ethernet switch.

Our programming task involved a brand new HMI operator console, which was designed to be easy to use for the operator while being fully functional. This HMI was also connected to the PLC through the Ethernet network. The PLC program and servo program was designed to be extremely efficient and dependable. We are always extremely prepared before we do any onsite work as we know how restricted and important onsite time is to our customers.

As this was the first part of the line to be upgraded, Integrelec had to integrate the new technology with the existing system and legacy software. Our flexibility and adaptability was displayed throughout this project as we integrated the old system with the new. As we worked in a plant with existing equipment, all the cables where carefully installed to maintain what was already in place. Various sensors and solenoids were included in this project for the operation of the Extruder.


Integrelec hit the ground running the moment Bristile Trim Plant started their two week shut-down. The switchboard was delivered and installed within a very short time. Wiring hook-ups were made to the Servo motors and all of our sensors and solenoids were installed into the PLC I/Os. Next was the task of running the new machine and the new system with the existing out-of-date system. Our experienced engineers formulated a plan to overcome this obstacle with minimal difficulty. Our programmers then stepped up to complete the remaining commissioning as they fine-tuned the program and machine operation to get the most efficient and smooth operation of the extruder possible.


    • Surpassed customer expectations – plant in full production two days earlier than planned!
    • Zero minutes lost due to workplace injuries or accidents
    • Working with brand new technologies
    • Project Breakdown
    • Full electrical design
    • Switchboard building
    • Siemens PLC programming
    • Siemens HMI design and programming
    • Control panel design and manufacture
    • SEW Servo drives programming
    • Ethernet network communications
    • Electrical project management
    • Safety system installed
    • Staff training
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